The First Post!

As I sit today, having made the decision to start posting and sharing my musings, I think it is appropriate that I try and explain the name of my blog – the ‘old stoic’ – and my choice for this moniker.

What is stoicism you may be asking?

Well, it may not be in vogue in the Twenty-First Century, but it isn’t anything new! Stoicism is an Ancient Greek philosophy, founded in Athens in the early Third Century BC, by Zeno of Citium. The Stoics, as they were known, taught that destructive emotions resulted from errors in judgment, and that a sage, or person of “moral and intellectual perfection”, would not suffer such emotions.

Why would I want to start my postings with references to such an ancient, seemingly irrelevant concept, which may seem in complete contrast to modern western life? A modern lifestyle which seems to positively welcome and encourage the outpouring of emotions at all times!

Well, it is my belief that we can learn a great deal from the art of stoicism. That the ‘old stoic’ could teach us a different, more measured, less selfish, narcissistic existence, which could lead human beings down new avenues of care, compassion and community.

But, my blog won’t all be philosophising. I promise you!

My musings will also focus on the life in a day of the modern family -my family.

Please stay with me..,.


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!